How much does a land surveyor cost in Cairns?

Surveyors in Cairns are a necessary part of the residential construction process. If you're doing a new build or just an extension you will need to hire a surveyor. Your architect, builder and drainage engineer will all need to use this survey to be able to perform...

Residential Surveying in Cairns

If you plan to build a house or add an extension, you'll need a residential land surveyor in Cairns. Your architect or draftsperson is going to need a survey to work off in order to accurately draw their plans. The survey they will use is called a Detail Survey - a...

When do I need a surveyor in Cairns?

Do you live in Cairns and you're not sure if you need a surveyor or not? What do Surveyors do? Surveyors (a.k.a. land surveyors) map boundaries and locations with regards to land. The QLD Titles Registry Office holds records of all the boundaries in QLD. Surveyors map...

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