A Detail Survey, also known as Topographic or Contour Survey, identifies all the features of the land and the surrounding objects. The surrounding units include trees, rocks, walls, windows, watercourses, driveways, etc. Both natural and man-made structures are marked in a Detail Survey. However, the features covered in a Detail Survey report are as per the client’s requirements. The survey report is required by the local authorities and is useful for land valuers, Architects, and Engineers.

When do you Need a Detail Survey?

The council will ask for a Detail Survey Report in any of the following cases:

1. Property valuation
2. New property construction
3. Property Extension
4. Drainage Assessment
5. Flood levels identification

Detail Survey at Cairns Surveying

Cairns Surveying is working from more than 20 years in the Surveying field and covers a comprehensive range of surveys. Detail Survey is among our most carried survey and we are fully equipped to deliver the best survey reports. Let’s check out what is covered under our Detail Survey service.

Detail Survey Features

A Detail Survey covers identifying the following features:

● Soil Type
● Site co-ordination
● Location od Ture North
● Landmarks
● Contours
● Spot levels
● Kerb levels
● Ridge and Gutter heights
● Height of the building facing the site
● Boundaries of the adjacent building
● Window Position
● Retaining walls, driveways, fences, and drainage
● Location of garden sheds, pergolas, etc.
● Location of services such as sewage, power poles, telephone service
● Location, height, and width of trees and large bushes

Other features are covered as required by the client.

Detail Survey Process

The Detail Survey at Cairns Surveying is conducted using 2D and 3D technologies for identifying the features. Use of latest technology provides a clearer picture and helps the Architects, Designers, and Engineers in drafting a plan as per the land’s condition.

A Detail Survey comprises the following stages:

● Identification of the purpose of the survey
● Estimation of survey cost
● Site visit for surveying
● Drafting plan, making calculations, and ensuring quality
● Delivering the survey report

You just need to give us a call or submit your request for a quote and the process will begin. However, after cost estimation, you can compare us with other services before making the final decision. The survey is conducted by qualified and experienced surveyors with utmost precision for an error-free survey report. Although our survey reports are clearly marked, every point in the report will be explained to you for better understanding. Our survey reports are as per the Council’s guidelines so you don’t have to struggle in getting the approval.

Hiring a Service

A Detail Survey is an extensive survey which provides knowledge about the overall features of a land lot or a property. Thus, to benefit from the survey, you must higher qualified and experienced surveyors. Also, don’t forget to check if the surveyors are registered otherwise all the money spent on surveying will go in vain.

At Cairns Surveying, we are solely working on surveying projects from the last 20 years and are well-versed with all the operations. We have worked on a different type of lands and customized the surveys as per the condition and structure of the land.