Surveyors in Cairns are a necessary part of the residential construction process. If you’re doing a new build or just an extension you will need to hire a surveyor. Your architect, builder and drainage engineer will all need to use this survey to be able to perform their work accurately and within the Cairns Regional Council’s planning guidelines (CairnsPlan). There will be times during the construction process that you will have to submit your survey to the Council.

professional land surveyors surveying on building site

So how much does it cost to get a land surveyor in Cairns? Well it depends on a number of factors;

Factors that influence the cost of a surveyor in Cairns;

Type of survey

Detail Survey

  • Most common type of survey because your architect, builder and engineers will use this survey
  • Consists ground levels and roof levels as well as the location of all existing structures, neighbouring structures, as well as features such as trees and easements.
  • Cairns Regional Council will require you to submit this at different phases of the construction process

Identification Report

  • Used to identify the exact location of a block of land
  • More expensive than a Detail Survey because they have to be done by a Registered Surveyor

Boundary Marking

  • Pegging out four corners of a boundary
  • Simple and relatively inexpensive

Building Set Out

  • This is to set out the exact location of your building

Redefinition plans

  • This is when a the boundaries of a block of land need to be re-surveyed


  • This is when a parcel of land is split

Lot Consolidation

  • This is when blocks of land are you amalgamated. It is the opposite of a subdivision.


Land Characteristics

  • Size of the land – The bigger the block of land, the higher the cost
  • Levels – Flat blocks are cheapest and they get more expensive depend on the make-up of the levels
  • Shape of the land – Rectangular or square blocks are cheapest and they get more expensive with more sides and angles
  • Accessibility of the land – The easier a block of land is to access, the cheaper it is


Availability of existing data

Surveyors will use existing data from the QLD Titles Registry Office to help them survey the land. If there’s no data available it will mean more work needs to be done and it will increase the cost.

Whether you need a registered surveyors

Some surveys are required to be carried out by a registered surveyor such as an identification report. Registered surveyors cost more than a normal surveyor.

So how much does a surveyor in Cairns cost?

There’s so many variables as discussed above that it’s a case by case basis. Here at Cairns Surveying we not only have over twenty years local experience surveying, working with builders and working with Cairns Regional Council, but we provide quality surveys at a more than competitive price. We make sure we work with you to get what you need. We can provide a fast turnaround quote.