An Identification Survey is carried out to identify the boundaries of a property which includes the location of fences, building, and retaining walls. It marks the distance of relevant structures form the boundaries of the property. It also brings into notice existing easements, restrictions, covenants, and encroachments (if any).

Know by other names as survey report, ident survey, ident report, or simply ident, an identification report is required by a mortgage lender while purchasing a property. It is also useful to avoid any potential disputes with the neighbours over property boundaries. Also, if you want to complete any pending construction work, an identification report is required by the local council. Thus, an identification report is required in the following cases:

Need for an Identification Report

Identification reports are majorly required while buying or selling a property for:

  • Identifying possible encroachment
  • Identifying the legal boundaries of the property
  • Locating the property as per the design and legal markings
  • Investigating easements, restrictions or covenants
  • Marking corners of the land (while purchasing land)

If you are facing any dispute with your neighbours on the boundaries, identification report is useful in such cases.

Process of Identification Survey

Identification is carried out in the following stages:

  • Studying the existing registered plan of the property and taking note of the boundaries.
  • Visiting the actual site to locate the existing structures. It also involves identifying any new structures.
  • Making the report as per the survey findings and assuring quality.
  • Delivering the identification survey report.


Identification Survey with Cairns Surveying

Providing surveying services from more than 20 years, Cairns Surveying covers all type of surveying projects. We have completed numerous identification surveys for properties and land lots for residential, commercial, and industrial units. Our skilled and experienced surveyors are totally familiar with carrying such surveys.

Hiring Cairns Surveying

Hiring surveying services and Cairns Surveying is an easy process. It involves the following steps:

  • Visit our ‘Quote’ page.
  • Call us on the number and provide details of your requirements, we will get back with a free quote asap.


  • Fill in the quote form with the details and asked and submit the same. Our team will get back to you with the fee quote asap.
  • Once you have decided to hire our services, we will make a quick visit to the site and discuss the requirements with you. It also involves making the client familiar with what the council requires in the report.
  • We start the survey work. We will keep you informed about any major issues. Finding during the survey.
  • Reading the finding and prepare a report based on the findings.
  • Quality Assurance by experts.
  • Delivering the report and explaining it to the client, if needed.

Our processes are designed in line with the local council’s guidelines. Thus, we never miss out on any requirements specified by the authorities. This results in instant approval of the survey report. We are happy that our clients can start their construction work on time.