Cairns Surveying is in the surveying business for the last 20 years. The company has been offering all-inclusive surveying services in Cairns and neighbouring regions viz. Bentley Park, Clifton Beach, Gordonvale, Palm Cove, Stratford, Westcourt, etc.

Surveying has now become an integral part of the construction process. Earlier, it was limited to civil structures such as roads, bridges, etc. However, now the council’s require a survey report whether you want to build a new house or extend the property. It is better to get a survey report approved before beginning the construction to avoid future hassles.

Thus, the surveying services at Cairns Surveying are provided for residential, commercial, and industrial units. The services include:

  • Detail Survey
  • Identification Report
  • Redefinition plans
  • Boundary Marking
  • Building Set Out
  • Subdivision
  • Lot Consolidation


Here are details on what is included in each plan. This will help you decide on what survey you need to conduct as per your requirements.

Detail Survey

A Detail survey involves marking of nearby structures such as trees, pools, buildings as well as marking of the existing boundary of the property. The council will ask for a Detail Survey in case of new construction, property expansion, and valuation.

Identification Report

Identification Survey includes identifying corners, fences, gutters, sheds, and buildings around the property boundaries. The boundary of the property is also identified in the survey. Identification report is useful while buying or selling a property to identify encroachment if any.

 Redefinition Plans

Redefinition plans are required for properties which were marked a long time ago and now new development is planned. Old marked lots are resurveyed to reconfirm the boundaries. It is useful in updating property information.

Boundary Marking

Boundary marking involves measuring, marking, and mapping of boundary lines. In the boundary marking survey, old records related to the property are also checked as additional evidence.

Building Set Out

In a building set-out, the surveyor will mark out the exact location of where all corners of the building need to be built (according to the Detail Survey)


Subdivision survey is conducted when a piece of land is to be divided into two or more lots. The council requires you to get a survey done for markings of new boundaries after the subdivision. The survey report is to be sent for approval to the council.

Lot Consolidation

 Lot consolidation is exactly opposite of the Subdivision. Here, two or more lots are consolidated to make a single piece of land. A survey is to be conducted for identifying the new boundaries and the same has to be get approved by the council before using the lots as a single plot.


If you are in requirement of any of the above surveying services, get in touch with us. We know all about the council’s requirements and will help you in getting the survey done in the right way. Our survey reports get instant approval. Get in touch today.